The Best Domains Backorder Services

We have analyzed the activity of registrars on the market of expired domains between 07.06.2018 and 20.10.2019.

In total, 121869 of them were prolonged.

Around 2/3 of all intercepted and prolonged names are in the .COM zone. In the second place are names of the .INFO zone.

Top 10 services

A graph of registrars distribution over a quantity of intercepted names looks in the following way:

The total number of intercepted domains, which were intercepted by these registrars, doesn't allow estimating each of the services, so let's look at the deep structure of the intercepted names.

The intercepted domains by zones

The statistics of the expired domains intercepting services over zones.

RegistratorIntercepted domains
1dropcatch.com18551 (15%)
2godaddy.com16389 (13%)
38745 (7%)
4namecheap.com6602 (5%)
5enom.com4898 (4%)
6Xin Net Technology Corporation4657 (4%)
7snapnames.com2718 (2%)
8dynadot.com2700 (2%)
9Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.2507 (2%)
10HiChina Zhicheng Technology Ltd.2285 (2%)
Other 62097 (51%)

Therefore, according to the total number of registrations, the leader is an American service from the registry

On the account of service, there are 18551 (15 % of the total number) intercepted domains.

It is in the second place with 16389 domains containing 13 names in its portfolio (0 %). Godaddy, unlike the leader, intercepts the domains in “secondary” zones org, info, biz as well.

Namecheap and enom round out the top five services, they “made” 11500 names for both of them.

Chinese interceptors

We'd like to underline that at least 3 registrars from China entered the list of the top 10, they “deprived” the giants of more than 10% of the market. Considering that the Chinese colleagues' work is held mainly in com and net zones and taking into account the pure data, they intercepted almost 25% of domains which became expired during that period in the COM zone. You must admit that they have something to brag about.

Those who bring up the rear

The rest of the top 10 entrants, which are NameSilo, Dynadot, and Tucows picked up a meager haul — 5% of the market gross share for three.

The backorder market “samurai”

The top 10 has collected 2/3 of all the expired domains. Other 800+ registrars intercepted 33% of names.

The proof that these registrations aren’t random — is the fact that the hidden group of registrars intercepted more than 40% of short names in COM and NET zones.

What is meant here, is a registrar which doesn't display its intercepting activity — for example, Snapnames, which uses a network of resellers' accounts for work.

The statistics of domain backorder with parameters

In the following table, we'll analyze the distribution of the intercepted names over the main parameters:

RegistratorDMOZAlexa 1800 13641 774 11085
3 253 4908 314 4123
6Xin Net Technology Corporation 242 4298 291 1877
9Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
10HiChina Zhicheng Technology Ltd. 108 2161
Other 4056 42139

As a result, the situation doesn't deeply vary from the above-mentioned tendency.

The choice of a domain backorder service

The result of the interception and service choice depend on the zone.

The best domain backorder services in .COM and .NET zones

.COM — It's the most popular zone with the most expensive domains. According to this, there may be a significant competition for the interception. The following services have the best chance of intercepting:

The best domain backorder services in .ORG and .BIZ zones

.ORG and .BIZ — have the domains names of lower value in traditional zones. Not all the services use their powers for intercepting these zones, so the top 3 services of this zone have some differences:

The best domain backorder services in .INFO zones

.INFO — one more traditional domain zone, which has the similar investment characteristics with ORG and BIZ. The best domain intercepting services in the info zone are:

How to increase the chance of domain intercepting

If you make a request — it’s far from certain that a name will be intercepted with this very registrar. The same is when we are talking about the best market players.

If the intercepted domain is valuable for you — it's recommended to make requests to a few services at once.

For example, to register an expiring .com domain one can apply for,,, and at once. After that, the chance of successful interception will come up to more than 50%.

To apply for 4 services one needs about $250-300, 3/4 of them will be given back when the pre-registration process is finished.

The majority of the services don't write off the money if the interception isn't successful, or they give them back as payback.

If the interception is successful and you are the only one who made a request, the domain is yours. Otherwise, it will be put up for a public or private auction, where it's sold at the highest rate.

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